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Blog & Tech Tips
The Algae Cheat Sheet Jul 19 2021
If you follow good water care practices, your pool should stay algae-free; but, you know, “this ointment should clear up that rash” and “it should stay sunny all afternoon,” so don’t put too much blind faith in...
There's no denying it, family time in the water is so fun! There’s nothing better than seeing kids splashing around, having the time of their lives. Not only is swimming enjoyable; it also has so many health benefits! Water...
As you likely know, a great deal of energy is required to heat swimming pool water. That being said, the operating costs of a pool may be greatly reduced through simple changes to your pool maintenance routine. Below are tips on how you can...
#WorkoutWednesday Apr 27 2021
Keeping fit is great for your mind, body and soul which is so needed when going through times like these. What better, more fun way to do it than in your swimming pool? Here are ten of our favourite pool exercises. 1. SQUAT JUMP Squat...