PoolStyle Transparent Vac Head
Rainbow Clear View Vac Head
PoolStyle Flexible Vac Head
12" Flexible Vacuum Head
Leaf Trap
PoolStyle 20' Vac Hose (1.25")
PoolStyle 25' Vac Hose (1.5")
PoolStyle 30' Vac Hose (1.5")
PoolStyle 35' vac Hose (1.5")
PoolStyle 40' Vac hose (1.5")
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Pools can be great fun for the entire family —including the fluffiest members. Having a pet and a pool can have tremendous benefits. It’s an easy way for your pooch to cool down in hot temperatures and it can provide them with a...
#WorkoutWednesday Apr 10 2019
Keeping fit is great for your mind, body and soul. What better, more fun way to do it than in your swimming pool? Here are ten of our favourite pool exercises. 1. SQUAT JUMP Squat down with your arms extended at shoulder height; jump as...
We are lucky to live in such a beatiful city (and an amazing country!). Not only does Canada have spectacular surroundings, it is also filled with spectacular pools. Below are 10 of the top pools that are a must swim! Thompson Hotel,...
Learning To Swim Mar 4 2019
Learning how to swim can be scary at first, but once you get comfortable, it can be lots of fun. We believe it is absolutely crucial that all kids know how to swim at a young age. If you are comfortable in the water, it may make it that much...