PoolStyle Transparent Vac Head
Rainbow Clear View Vac Head
PoolStyle Flexible Vac Head
12" Flexible Vacuum Head
Leaf Trap
PoolStyle 20' Vac Hose (1.25")
PoolStyle 25' Vac Hose (1.5")
PoolStyle 30' Vac Hose (1.5")
PoolStyle 35' vac Hose (1.5")
PoolStyle 40' Vac hose (1.5")
Blog & Tech Tips
Proper maintenance will help your hot tub cover last many years. It’s very simple however; most owners fail to take much interest in their covers until it’s too late. Here we’ll give you tips on what you need to know to...
Valentine's Day Feb 8 2021
You don’t have to go far or spend lots of money to impress your loved one this Valentine’s day. You can actually enjoy it from the comfort of your own hot tub! Here are a few tips to creating a special evening at home. Create...
Hot tubs are a place to relax. They help relieve pain and stress, that’s until your energy bill comes! With us all being home more, our energy bills are already higher than usual, so here are some tips to make your hot tub more energy...
Were you lucky enough to get a hot tub this holiday season? Whether it was a gift or a great Boxing Day deal, congratulations! Now we understand that it may be overwhelming at first, because lets be honest, you just want to jump in it and...