Hayward AquaVac 500 - new generation TigerShark
Hayward AQR Low Salt
Hayward Aqua Vac Robot Cleaner (TigerShark)
PoolStyle Leaf Skimmer w/Alum Frame
PoolStyle Transparent Vac Head
Hayward Pool Vac Ultra Cleaner (Navigator)
Pentair Long Handled Hand Skimmer
Rainbow Clear View Vac Head
Rainbow Leaf Eater
PoolStyle 18" Brush Curved
Blog & Tech Tips
Valentine's Day Feb 12 2019
You don’t have to go far or spend lots of money to impress your loved one this Valentine’s day. You can actually enjoy it from the comfort of your own hot tub! Here are a few tips to creating a special evening at home. Create...
Health Benefits Jan 28 2019
There are many reasons why we love our pool and spa, but the biggest reason is because of all the great health benefits. From swimming in your pool to relaxing in your hot tub, not only does it make you feel great, it’s also helping your...
Were you lucky enough to get a hot tub this holiday season? Whether it was a gift or a great Boxing Day deal, congratulations! Now we understand that it may be overwhelming at first, because lets be honest, you just want to jump in it and...
Keeping fit is great for your mind, body and soul. What better, more fun way to do it than in your swimming pool? Here are 10 of our favourite pool exercises that will scuplt your body in no time! 1. Squat jump Squat down with arms...