Phosphates; Food For Algae

With over sixty percent of pools experiencing an algae bloom each year, we’re here to help make sure you do all you can to prevent it. I mean no one wants algae in their pool! Threat of an algae occurrence is relatively high at this time of year and we want you to be prepared, preventing algae as much as possible.

To know how to prevent algae, you must know what algae feeds on. The answer is, of course, phosphates. Phosphates are like algae food, so learn how to test for them and to keep them as low as possible.


  • Check Phosphate levels on a regular basis. If the reading is higher than 300ppb, algae becomes increasingly resistant to sanitizers, including chlorine shock.
  • If there are landscapers working close by, ask them to prevent dirt and debris from entering your pool as much as possible.
  • Use Natural Chemistry Phosfree (we sell this at our South Surrey retail store).

Remember: you can never completely remove phosphates, but try to maintain as low a reading as possible.

If you remove leaves and organic matter, vacuum and clean out the pump and skimmer baskets regularly, and cut back any over hanging trees or overgrown bushes. By doing this, you’ll be making your work easier by reducing the changes of algae.

For more information about our weekley maintenance service or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

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