"It’s wonderful to have complete confidence in your pool service, and to have great communications and response at all times"

S. G.


"WestCoast Pool & Spa is an excellent pool service company that we would highly recommend. They are consistent with great service and are very responsive at addressing issues when they arise."

Kristin H.


"I’ve been using West Coast Pool services for over 10 years and they have always been very careful and responsive to my needs in keeping my pool clean and properly chemicalled."

Al H.


"Very reliable; preventive maintenance trouble shooting; fiscally sound; pleasant and respectful employees"

Don R.


"West Coast Pool's repairs to our pool lights were completed on time and on budget - good job - thank you"

Doug H.


"Excellent service. Very prompt to deal with pool issue. Service tech very knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with"

Phil L.


"Completely reliable!"
C. C.


"West Coast Pools always keeps our pool running in top form. Our technician is friendly, attentive, and always keeps us informed of any issues related to our pool or hot tub. Highly recommend them."
A. N.


"West Coast Pool & Spa has been a pleasure to work with. Their technicians are knowledgeable and quickly respond to any needs that arise. The customer service staff is also easy to work with and are happy to help you in any way they can."
T. W.


"Things just get resolved with West Coast Pool. No muss, no fuss. They take the worry and maintenance time out of enjoying a complex system like a swimming pool. They are always on the lookout for what's best for the customer and the pool system, and proactively monitor and repair situations before they become a problem. Basically, all the owner has to do is float. Everything else is handled by the experts for you."
B. A.


"Our experience with Westcoast pool had been outstanding. There communication and service has been outstanding."

Lisa F.


"We have been with WestCoastPool for more than 10 years now. The service they provide is high quality, very timely, and reliable."



"I have been using West Coast Pool for close to 30 years. Their service has always been prompt, courteous, and helpful. A great company."

G. L.


"Thoroughly professional, prompt and reliable throughout"

H. J.

"Professional + Efficient"

H. Lin


"Great service, quick and very reliable"


C. L.


"I had a very unusual and troubling situation with my hot tub and after consulting several spa companies regarding my problem, I contacted West Coast Pool and through their perseverance, we were able to solve the problem. I appreciated the help that I received during the process. Very pleased."

L. S.


"Efficient, reliable servicing. Always get a notification if there will be a day change or if extra service needed...so no surprises. I would highly recommend."

K. R.


"We are so very happy to work West Coast Pool & Spa. The company is honest, reliable and efficient. We highly recommend this company to anyone looking for the best in the area."

S. M.


"We so appreciate our friends at West Coast Pool and Spa! They are friendly, attentive and efficient. And we get more pool days out of the year because of the great service!"

C. C.


"Always attentive to our pool and spa needs. Friendly technicians that get the job done."

M. B.


"Very helpful team, reliable and always response fast!"

R. X.


Excellent quality and sevice"

E. Wang


"Great people to deal with. They have kept our pool in top shape for 15 years. They are also innovative in solutions for saving on energy."

R. C.


"Service team is very prompt in dealing with any issues and answering any questions you may have!"

D. G.


"The people at West Coast Pool have never disappointed us. They respond quickly and their service people are excellent and friendly!!!"

Jill H.


"The service received from West Coast Pool has always been good especially our pool cleaner who comes every week."

M. C.


"I have used West Coast Pool services since we built our home and pool in 1997. We were assigned an employee to service our pool regularly winter and summer. That employee is still working for the company and us. The company always returns my calls re inquiries or concerns with our pool and hot tub. Our serviceman is excellent and our pool and hot tub are always in excellent shape and we have been fortunate to have very few major repairs. I believe their pricing is competitive with other companies as well. I will continue to use their services as I believe they are trustworthy and fair."

A. S.


"We have had West Coast Pool service our pool for over 25 years with the same excellent service technician and I can recommend them"

M. C.


"Very dependable and trust worthy."

A. A.


"Quick installation of a new pump that is more energy efficient and works great! Highly recommend."

R. Marshall


"Very knowledgeable technicians at a good price!"

Richard M.


"Excellent quality & service."

E. Wang


"Excellent service"

Michael O.


"I have been with West Coast Pool for over thirty years and have been extremely happy with their service over the years. If there ever was a problem with our pool, the staff relayed the issues to the appropriate people immediately and had the problem resolved as quickly as possible. I have been very confident with their abilities to keep the pool running in top shape and the staff have always been very pleasant and professional."

C. N.


"Service was excellent"

S. D.


"Over ten years and two pools we have found West Coast Pool to be the best! Friendly, reliable, cost effective and knowledgeable."

T. C.


"West Coast staff take good care of my pool."

J. K.


"I have been using West Coast Pools for pool cleaning and maintenance for years. They have always returned my calls promptly when I have had a problem. I highly recommend West Coast Pools."

Trish C.


"I have been using West Coast Pools services for over 28 years. They have always been professional and responsive and provide a great service"

G. L.


"I’ve been using West Coast Pools over the years and their team is very friendly, reliable and professional. I would recommend using their services."

N. D.


"Timely service, competent"

Robert L.


"We receive good service and communication. All employees that we deal with are courteous and knowledgeable."

G. I.


"Very polite and professional team. Highly recommended. Thank you!"

M. Rodd


"Very responsive, knowledgeable and efficient"

Peter F.


"I have been using West Coast Pools since 1997 and have always received excellent service and timely responses to any queries."

Alison S.


"Service is excellent - they always respond quickly and take care of any problems."

V. G.


"West Coast Pools always keeps our pool in top running form, and if we need them for anything extra, they are super-responsive."

A. N.


"I have always had great service from Andy, he is friendly and very helpful in answering my many questions"

S. Edwards


"Great service in a timely manner"

D. G.


"The pool service and repair is very professional and friendly. We have used them for 15 years. They are responsive and keep our pool looking great and working well. We had a renovation that required them to work with our contractors and dismantle all the pool equipment, move it slightly and put it all back together again. Our contractors told us they were really impressed with how helpful and cooperative the crew at West Coast was. West Coast coordinated the work and schedule directly with our contractors. It was done very fast and efficiently. Thank you, West Coast Pools!"



"West Coast Pool & Spa is a very professional company and very accommodating. Great company."

Robert H.


"The pool that we have at our current location is the third pool that we have had at our three most recent addresses. Each pool has been more complex than the previous ones and we have used West Coast pools for the last two. Our current pool requires a lot of maintenance and we have been very pleased with the quality and reliability of service that West Coast have provided during our three years at this location."

F. F.


"Highly professional, courteous, and knowledgeable service providers. I am very happy with all the work that has been done on my Pool and Spa. I would highly recommend West Coast Pool."

Scott B.


"We had very quick response to a repair job on a ladder. It is very helpful not to have to phone more than once about a problem."

Pat N.


"Great timely service....work was very professional and clean. Great Job"

Scott I.

"I was and am, very pleased with the all the services that were provided, from the ordering to the delivery and installation. all were A-1"

P. G.


"Friendly, knowledgeable and prompt. We are new pool owners and west coast has patiently supported and guided us through the process."

Shelley L.


"Ron, my fabulous "pool maintenance guy" is utterly amazing!! Love his work, totally enjoy chatting with him weekly! Beyond that, any issues I have with the pool/hot tub are dealt with promptly by the service team! Communication about upcoming visits or what needs to be done is thoroughly communicated. Love West Coast!"

M. T.


"West Coast Pools have been looking after us for 14 years. Exceptional service and their recommendations have been great."

Rick C.

"Very professional, the pool is very clean"

W. Wang

"I have been using West Coast Pool for over 20 years and would not hesitate to recommend this company. They are reliable, friendly and professional. I rely on them for a lot of support and have not been disappointed."

Linda S.


"Service provided quickly and professionally"

Paul R.


"I appreciate how professional and knowledgeable John has been is helping to troubleshoot our pool issues."

P. P.


"Always professional in every way"

L. A.


"I have been a client for 18 years and have been satisfied with the service and professionalism. I would highly recommend West Coast Pools."

M. B.


"Friendly, professional people - reliable products and services"

Ken D.


"WestCoast Pools staff are always quick to respond and always provide outstanding service."

Sarah M

"West Coast Pool has always been very attentive, responsive, and professional. I had never owned a pool before and was quite nervous about the maintenance of it, but John has taken excellent care of us and our pool."

K. M.


"Very impressed with your courteous, always punctual and professional staff. Any problem that requires extra attention is dealt with quickly and efficiently. You make owning a pool easy!"

J. A.


"Very professional and friendly service, you will be happy with this company’s prompt attention to your issues"

David P.


"The best of the best. Totally reliable."

J. E.


"Very responsive and skilled technicians and maintenance crew"

L. Wong


"Highly competent and reasonable priced service"

D. G.


"Fabulous company!! Whenever I have a glitch I call and the superb service team comes to the rescue !! I would not have a pool or spa without West Coast as our right hand man!"

A. A.


"The technicians were problem solvers and could provide me with an options of ways to solve my problem which included new parts or salvaged older parts, they could not warrant the older parts but could knew how long the older parts were in service and the history of the older equipment which was enough for me to make up my own mind. I appreciated that I did not have to prompt the tech to find alternatives and that the options were laid out for me."

Chris F.


"Punctual, efficient"

C. W.


I have always found your employees to be very friendly, receptive to my sometimes annoying questions and very concerned about doing a professional job. Very reliable! We have used your company for many years and would not hesitate to recommend you.

Mrs. S.


West Coast Pools maintenance tech has been fantastic at working with me to make sure our pool and spa are always in great shape.

Ben P.


"Great company very reliable and professional"

Robert H.


"Everyone does a great job and are always pleased to help fix whatever problem we have or make suggestions on how to keep everything going between service appointments. thanks for the 5 star service!"

L. Wong


"Very professional and reliable"

Alex V.


"I have been using this company for 27 + years and they have been excellent their service and reliability."

Garry L.


"What a professional company. I will be booking them back for the solar pump replacement."

Diane K.


"The team at West Coast Pool & Spa is very professional and easy to deal with. I highly recommend their service."

Lisa Y.


"We had West Coast Pool & Spa service our hot tub for many years. Very professional, knowledgeable and reasonably priced. Highly recommend their service. A+ In our books!"

S. Anderson


"Great job! Thanks!"

Steven G.


"Excellent quality and service provided."

Eddie W.


"I have never been disappointed with West Coast Pool & Spa services. Their technicians are professional and knowledgeable. I will always use them for my pool and spa requirements."

Jillian H.


"Professional and quick"

C. Walker


"I have been using West Coast Pool & Spa for many years and have found them to be knowledgeable and very professional with prompt service. I would highly recommend this company."

Trish C.


"Excellent quality & service."

E. Wang


"I have been a West Coast Pool & Spa customer for over a decade and their service continues to be excellent!"

M. Hirani


"I have now ordered 2 pumps for 2 of my hot tubs and I am extremely impressed with the customer service provided by Steve. I know there's not a lot of profit in just selling me a pump, but Steve went above and beyond my expectations to ensure I had the pump in time for the weekend. He made me feel like I was a lifelong client and I'd recommend these guys to anyone needing supplies or service."

E. Anderson


"I have used this company for decades and they are always responsive and professional and provide a great service."

Garry L.


"West Coast Pool & Spa services has always been consistent and employees have been very helpful with recommendations and follow throughs. I would recommend their services."

Karen L.


"I have been a customer for 10 years and have been thoroughly happy with the level of professional service that I have received from West Coast Pool and Spa. Not just in the cleaning and maintaining of my pool, which has been exceptional, consistent and beautiful. Now, I have had the benefit of their consultation and recommendations for replacement equipment (pump, heater) that have proven to be solid performance and cost effective. I am truly a happy customer."

Mr. Jones


"We are enjoying West Coast Pool & Spa services to our pool and spa for more than ten years. We can't be happier than this with their excellent services and fair prices. Our pool and hot tub are always so clean with the best water quality. We highly recommend West Coast Pool & Spa to everyone."

R. A.


"We have been with West Coast Pool & Spa for over 12 years and have always been most impressed with their staff, service, timely appointments and attention to detail. I would highly recommend them to all pool/hot tub owners!!!"



"We’ve been regular West Coast Pool & Spa customers for many years. Their technicians
clean the pool until it’s pristine, and repairs are top-notch. Over the years, they’ve nurtured the old pump & heater along so they’ll last one more season, but when the heater finally needed replacing, we were given a fair quote & the technician repaired & replaced everything promptly. Office personnel are also friendly & professional. We are “more than satisfied” customers!"

B. Dolden


"The service provided is professional to the point that I don’t have to worry... and I like that!"

J. Milner


"I have received the best quality services in the past 10 years."



"Good, consistent service."

B. McKenzie


"Great company. Great service. Friendly and professional staff."

Mr. Hutchison


"Excellent job. Professional and reliable."



"Everyone from West Coast Pool are very professional and quick to get the job done. Quality service and workmanship. I would highly recommend West Coast Pools."

Nadia D.


"Knowledgeable staff, highly professional, very reliable and high quality work. John has always been very responsive to our technical needs and Geoff very dependable on the regular maintenance. I have been a customer for 11 years, and have nothing but praise for their work. Thank-you!"

M. Hirani


"The service has been very reliable and professionally done. The service techs are knowledgeable and informative when asked questions about our pool and it’s equipment."



"West Coast Pool & Spa has been taking care of our pool for quite a few years and we have always been happy with their service. The office staff and the technicians are professional and pleasant."

Pam S


"Definitely professional in what they do."

Alex V


"All the staff are excellent and very friendly. Becky in particular that comes to tend to our pool does a fantastic job. We would highly recommend West Coast Pool & Spa to all our family and friends."



"We have been very impressed with the service provided. From regular maintenance to cleaning the cover to answering any questions we have they are always there to help!"

D. Griffith


"I wish everyone I deal with was as reliable, helpful and pleasant to work with as everyone at West Coast Pool & Spa."

V. Garber


"Always responsive with excellent service."

Mr. Lunn


"Care and maintenance on a 60 year old pool is not an ideal contract but West Coast Pool & Spa was up to it.  Thank you for 15 years of impeccable service."

Mrs. Hamilton


"West Coast Pool & Spa technician, Trent, took excellent care of our pool year round over the past few years. Trent was reliable and professional.  He was responsive to our needs.  The office was organized with their invoicing and billing. I would highly recommend West Coast Pool & Spa's service."



"Thank you for the terrific service over years. You were always there for us on short notice whenever anything came up. Your staff was always knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend your services to anyone."

Jim - West Vancouver


"Thank you!  For the past four years, you have maintained our hot tub with superb service.  From knowledgeable technicians to enthusiastic and personable office staff, West Coast Pool & Spa always go a step ahead!"

Chris & Bill Mahon


"Fabulous Service - The motor on my plug and play hot tub I bought from Wayfair died after a year and half. This is not a product that West Coast Pool and Spa normally service. They came out, assessed the tub, gave me a quote on a new motor, ordered the part and installed it, even coming back again to fix the control panel which was stuck after the deep freeze we had. Always courteous, always professional and very fair pricing. I can't say thanks enough."



"I have nothing but excellent things to say about your service. Becky who has looked after our pool twice a week is a gem. Conscientious, responsible, trustworthy and always with a smile on her face. She has been a joy to have. Whenever we have needed a service call someone comes immediately. Our pool is used constantly so having this quick response is peace of mind. I so appreciate the West Coast Pool & Spa team and Rhonda is always so cheerful to talk to. Thank you for everything."



"Our family used West Coast Pool & Spa for the last 9 years. During that period we were very pleased with their service and professionalism. Our service technicians were friendly and knowledgeable and terrific with our family dogs. Our pool was always well maintained and they kept abreast of anything that needed repairing or replacing. We've been very satisfied with West Coast Pool and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone"



"We have been very happy with the services provided by West Coast Pool & Spa! Becky has done an excellent job maintaining our pool on a weekly basis. She is always so friendly and very proactive with any issues that need to be dealt with. Your service techs are always prompt and courteous and are always nearby in case of emergency. Thank you for all of your hard work we look forward to continuing your services in the future!"



"I am very satisfied with the work that West Coast Pool & Spa company did. The staff who work on our pool are efficient and clean. I would definitely to recommend to use their service."

Yang Yang


"I have been a customer of West Coast Pool & Spa for 14 years since we first moved to Vancouver and during that time West Coast Pool & Spa have serviced pools and hot tubs at three properties for me. I have always found the service to be prompt, efficient and courteous and have recommended West Coast Pool & Spa to friends on many occasions.
I will certainly be recommending West Coast Pool & Spa to the new owners of my house."

Vancouver, BC


"Our family has been using the service of West Coast Pool & Spa since 2012. The technicians are very professional. They always maintain our pool and spa well. The technicians identify problems and perform the repairs in a timely manner.

They have done a fantastic job. I am very satisfied with their service."



"We have had West Coast Pool & Spa service and maintain our hot tub and swimming pool for 5 years. Service has always been courteous and efficient.  Any maintenence issues were quickly identified and dealt with.

Thank you to all service and maintenance representatives of West Coast Pool & Spa."

West Vancouver, BC


"Over the past year we have used West Coast Pool & Spa exclusively for the maintenance of our indoor pool. The system we have is ozone and very difficult to maintain. West Coast Pool & Spa have provided an excellent emergency service along with weekly maintenance service. We have not been asked to write this letter but are doing so because of the high standard of service this company has given us. Should West Coast Pool & Spa choose to use us as a reference, we would be more than happy to recommend them."

L. & S. Evans


"Thank you for the excellent service while I owned (address omitted for security reasons). Your prompt response when I was having difficulty resulted in your getting my business, and your excellent on-going service retained my business."

J.A. Warner Woodley


"As President of Aquiform Distributors Ltd., I have a great working relationship with West Coast Pool & Spa and would, without hesitation, recommend the company to any of my friends.

For the past 36 years, Aquiform Distributors Ltd. has been a local supplier to West Coast Pool & Spa. Because they are an organized, efficiently run, customer driven operation, the relationship between our companies has been very rewarding. West Coast Pool & Spa is one of the most professional pool and spa service/maintenance companies in the Greater Vancouver area and they continue to lead by example in our industry."

Franco Rasera, President
Aquiform Distributors Ltd.


"We have used your service for over 5 years and we are continually amazed at the excellent way in which you not only maintain our pool and hot tub but how you respond whenever we encounter any mechanical issues.

Your employees are always friendly and extremely respectful when they are doing their maintenance checks and they always endeavor to solve any issues or answer any questions we have. Thank you for your ongoing efforts!"

J. Henderson
North Vancouver


"West Coast Pool & Spa has been our pool service and chemistry supply company for our fifty-two unit residential complex for the past thirty years. They provide excellent service for our heated pool and all of our pool equipment.

They are a reliable company who are extremely competent and knowledgeable. They respond quickly to service calls and easily offer referrals to services that are outside of their expertise. We are extremely pleased with the relationship we have with West Coast Pool & Spa and are thankful we can call on them to look after all of our service and chemical supply requirements."

Donalda, Resident Manager
Queens Garden Apartments


"West Coast Pool & Spa is a great company which provide us always a piece of mind with not only our pool cleaning services, but also anything related to the swimming pool area, including the mechanical room regular checks, timely repairs and maintenance. Therefore we highly recommend your service to anyone who wants a great swimming pool service with a reasonable price."

Vancouver, BC

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