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You can always count on us when you need to overhaul or repair your pool and spa. We specialize in the surface and structure around your pool. Whether you are looking to restore, improve or overhaul your pool, we’re more than happy to help. Give us a call and our specialized staff can discuss your needs and all of the options that are available to you. We are up to date with all of the newest trends, products and techniques.

Projects such as full installations and re-plastering may fall beyond our scope, but with our long tenure in the industry we can assist with recommendations to qualified companies within our well-established professional network.

Here are some of the services we provide:

Stain Removal

Plaster can develop stains due to organics, calcification, or chemical additions.  If the plaster is in relatively good condition, it can be restored to near-original condition through acid washing. After assessing your pool for suitability and discussing the procedure with you, our trained technicians will carefully monitor the process and maximize the results. We also provide power washing and sealing to clean and protect old concrete. We finish up with clean backfill and restore all surfaces.

Liner Replacement
Water loss from a damaged liner quickly leads to erosion and degradation of the structure. It is imperative to take care of all liner issues quickly and professionally. To replace damaged liners or improve the look of your pool, contact us for professional consultation.

Equipment Room Rebuild
Reconfiguring the equipment room can provide higher turnover rates, less energy consumption and a cleaner, more organized room.  Proper configuration will minimize potential leaks and prevent floods in equipment rooms and basements, as well.

Equipment Upgrades
If it’s time to replace or upgrade your equipment, we can help you get better features, increased energy efficiency and improved system operation.

New Plaster Pool Start-Up
Newly constructed or renovated pools need special care upon start up. We have knowledgeable professionals to shepherd your new pool through the lengthy and complex curing process. During the 90 days that your plaster needs to cure, a stable water balance must be achieved and maintained.  Call us to protect your investment as you start up your pool.

A sanitizer residual is a measurable amount of chlorine or bromine in the water the presence of which proves no contaminant is using up the sanitizer. The best way to ensure a residual is a steady addition of sanitizer – a dispenser with chlorine pucks or bromine pucks is optimum.