As a maintenance customer of West Coast Pool & Spa, you will enjoy benefits far beyond a clean pool, spa and/or water feature. We have specialized in regular year-round maintenance since 1974.  Not only do we have unmatched experience and expertise to provide superior residential maintenance service, you will also be privy to the extensive knowledge and experience that comes with professional trades people who have been in the industry for over forty years.

Our purpose-built scheduler and database allows us to actively pursue strong communication within our departments and with our clients. Through ongoing training we ensure our qualified technicians are the most up-to-date in industry knowledge. As one of the largest maintenance services in Western Canada, we work closely with water chemical manufacturers to get you the best products at the best pricing.


When you choose us to maintain your pool, spa and/or water feature, your assigned maintenance technician will keep your site clean, ensure optimal water conditions and protect the longevity of your equipment & surfaces. We take full ownership by managing associated trades people and ensuring any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.


• Skim and vacuum
• Inspect/backwash the filter
• Test and balance water
• Clear debris from skimmer & pump baskets
• Clean coping tiles
• Brush the floor & walls
• Clean hot tub cover and accessories

During each visit your technician will inspect all equipment for correct operation. At the conclusion of the visit, your technician will note all pertinent information including tasks performed, test results and chemicals added. This detailed onsite log will allow you to monitor how your pool is maintained.


• A twenty-four hour emergency on-call technician
• Expedited response times
• Scheduled preventative maintenance programs
• Access to current product information
• A wide range of services encompassing all facets of pools, spas & water features. 

To set up regular maintenance, we make a free initial visit to create a customized maintenance proposal that meets your needs. Once a plan is in place, one of our technicians will service your site on a fixed schedule come rain, hail or shine. Contact us now and engage the most qualified maintenance service available.       




Newly constructed or renovated pools need special care upon start up. We have knowledgeable professionals to shepherd your new pool through the lengthy and complex curing process. During the 90 days that the plaster needs to cure, a stable water balance must be achieved and maintained. You should depend on a qualified expert to prevent damage to your new pool surface.  Contact us to protect your investment as you start up your pool.


We want you to get the most from your equipment and enjoy the full swim season.  Annual equipment maintenance reduces the risk of unexpected equipment failure. Our experience proves that regular attention will reduce costly problems down the road. It also assures you full warranty and insurance coverage. We believe in proactive care including Automatic Cover Maintenance, Heater Maintenance, Filter Sand Replacement, Ozone Maintenance, Salt Cell Cleaning, UV Bulb Checks, Chlorinator Line Overhaul, and others. Contact us to arrange the best care for all of your equipment. 

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