Tips For Using Your Hot Tub In Winter 

When it’s freezing cold outside, sometimes the idea of leaving your warm home to go and soak in your outdoor hot tub can seem like a far stretch… We totally get it! But once you finally build up the courage and get in, there’s nothing more relaxing.

Below are some tips and facts about using your hot tub in the winter months.

Winter BLUES
Do you have the winter blues? If you do, don’t stress; it’s totally normal at this time of year. Whether it is because you are missing the sun, feeling holed up at home for the stay at home orders or just plain tired of the dark days; hot tubs have been proven to help with these blues.

Using your hot tub in the winter months has lots of health benefits. Hot tubs give you an outlet to rejuvenate and improve both your health and your temperament. They also give us a reason to get up off the couch and outside in the fresh air.

If you already have a cold, or feel one coming on, it’s time for you to relax in your hot tub. Using your hot tub in the winter months is a way to sweat out some of the toxins and get some cool, fresh air into your lungs. Did you know that cool air helps with coughs?

As you need to stay hydrated when using your spa, you also get all of the health benefits that drinking lots of water has too!

There’s a misconception that based on your usage, you’ll save money by raising and lowering the temperature of your hot tub water in the winter months. This is not true!

The colder it gets, the longer it takes for your spa to heat up. It's less expensive and more efficient to leave the water at a constant temperature. It also keeps water from freezing in the pipes and reduces chemical use. Win, Win, Win!!

Another way to save both money and energy, is by making sure to cover the hot tub as soon as you’ve finished soaking.

If you don’t use your hot tub everyday, make sure to check the water levels regularly. Should the water get to low; the pumps and heater may stop working which will cause the water in the spa to freeze.

Using air jets in the winter months will greatly increase energy consumption. This is because they inject cold air into the spa water. If you do use your jets in the winter, be sure to turn them off after every use.

Last but not least, power outages. Although rare, they are still possible. If you loose electricity, resist the urge to repeatedly open and close the hot tub cover. By doing this, you are allowing all of the trapped heat to escape. A well-insulated hot tub can actually last a long time, if the cover is left in place.

If you have any questions about using your hot tub in the winter months, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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