A Fall Reminder

Although we may not be ready for it, the leaves are starting to fall and swimming pool season is pretty much over.  Below are a few fall reminders from our service technicians.

  • Leaf mufflers must be used when vacuuming; even the smallest maple tree “spinner” or seed can jam an impeller.
  • Any broken skimmer or pump baskets should’ve been replaced by now. If not, replace them ASAP or risk blocking skimmer lines and impellers.
  • If you are in a location with a high debris load and use a weekly pool service, we recommend skimming the debris in between each visit.
  • Only use nylon brushes to clear debris from automatic covers. Don’t open a cover that has lots of debris on it; a stick could get in the cover well and puncture the cover.
  • Always pay attention to the weather forecast. If heavy rain is forecasted and your pool doesn't have an overflow or an autofill with an overflow, extend the backwash of your pool. This will reduce the risk of overflowing.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your pool. Apart from that, enjoy the light breeze and colourful leaves!

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