Chemical Oxidation & Storage

When it comes to chemical storage, make sure your eqipment is protected. Certain pool chemicals can be highly corrosive and although in sealed containers, can produce off-gas which causes damage to equipment or systems that are located in poorly ventilated areas. This includes heaters, boilers, and any other system with metal components that is in close proximity to the chemicals.

We highly recommend purchasing a locking deck box and storing the chemicals outside or in an area where the gas released by the chemicals will not accumulate and cause damage to any nearby equipment. Having the ability to lock the box prevents the possibility of children having access to the pool chemicals, in turn decreasing the likelihood of accidents occurring.

Are you interested in having a deck box installed? We currently have deck boxes in stock and will build them on site, relocating the chemicals to the location of your choice. Do you have an existing storage bin or a separate area that you think may be suitable? Give our office a call and we will arrange to have our technician move the chemicals to the specified area.

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